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VBASkins are "skins" for the visualboy advance emulator. first of all you might ask what exactly is a "skin". a skin is a visual element of a program that makes it look more attractive. it can also contain interactive buttons if the creator decided to include them. the other two popular programs that use skins are winamp and windows media player. these skins aren't compatible with either of those two programs, however. all skins must be written using a different code, specific to the program they are to be used with. in this case, the skins that i have created are made for the VisualBoy Advance emulator.


Original Skins

Original Gameboy Skin

My Crappy Runescape Skin

Cheesy Skin

megaman x

Redesigned or Modified Skins

Megaman Skin by: Ekolimit buttons remade by bigwill

Winamp Skin By: VirtualBilly button id's added by lif3l3ss1


VBASkins Forum